The Opportunity

Here at the Travelosophers, the opportunity is truly limitless. By Joining the world’s largest industry, with our extremely low start-up costs and with uncapped earnings, you really could change your life both financially but also, and probably more importantly, from a work-life balance perspective. With us, you have the opportunity to take control of your life, do things on your terms, and with our ongoing support and our multi-million pound tools and technology you can have the peace of mind that you are not only in the safest hands but also with a business that is at the forefront of market innovation.

The world’s largest industry

With so many different franchises to choose from people often ask why they should opt for a travel business. We think it’s quite simple – Did you know that the tourism industry accounts for over 10% of the entire world’s GDP? In the UK alone, UK residents typically amass well over 70 million overseas trips a year spending literally billions of pounds on travel. People love going on holiday and they love talking about them – making the process of finding customers easier than industries offering franchises. The potential here is limitless.

Cost-effective Franchises

We have a different philosophy around here! We want you to be our business partners and not just a franchise fee. We take a longer-term view believing that our investment in you will pay off with the sales that you generate in the future and that’s why we are proud to offer franchises, to experienced travel agents, for FREE! Starting your own business can be costly and it is more common than not for start-ups to fail. With Travelosophers we make life easy by providing you with all the tools and support you need to start generating revenues quickly. For people with no travel agent experience we offer a variety of different cost-effective options to suit your budget. With low monthly fees and the opportunity to earn up to 70%+ of commissions, this really is one of the most generous franchise offerings out there.

Be your own boss and take control

Don’t waste another minute of your life! No more “looking busy” to keep the boss happy. No more doing the hard graft to benefit others. No more unnecessary commuting, waiting in queues or suffering delays on public transport. This is your opportunity to take control of your destiny and your life, to be rewarded for the hard work you put in. Set your own hours and improve your work-life balance. The choice is yours and you can work anywhere you want to, whether that be a home office, on the beach, or anything in between!

Enjoy Uncapped Earnings

What better way to earn money than to create joyous and indelible memories for people, by booking their dream holidays? If you consider this, together with our limitless earnings approach, Travelosophers really could offer you the platform to succeed in ways you perhaps never thought possible. We won’t cap you – Instead, we encourage you to keep making sales, to keep earning, ensuring that you always grow.

Unlimited Training and Support

Travelosophers is a close-knit family and our training and support reflects that at every point in your journey with us. What really sets us apart is that we are lead by a team of true industry experts. They have been there, done it, and their experience will be invaluable as you embark upon setting up your new franchise business. As well as ongoing training, 1 to 1s with a dedicated Business Development Manager and more, our Head Office team will be on hand to support you every step of the way. With Travelosophers, you are never alone. We can be as hands on or hands off as you need us to be and we will do everything to make sure your business is a success.

All the tools you need

We don’t like to boast too much usually but on this point we simply have to! With Travelosophers you will benefit from multi-million-pound systems and technology which continue to be improved year on year. From dynamic packaging, to integrated CRM systems, we have you covered and what’s more is that we have an exciting timeline mapped out with further developments. On the supplier side, take advantage of our market leading commercials as part of the UK’s largest independent travel agent group, Advantage Travel Partnership, and benefit from their collective buying power on the back of their £4.5bn worth of travel sales each year.