Our Brand

All our franchisees benefit from the free use of our distinguished, consumer-facing brand Travelosophers. The Travelosophers concept was born out of a desire to showcase and elevate the skills of travel specialists and to establish them as true experts in their field.


A Travelosophy is the philosophy that one pursues whilst travelling on a particular journey. The philosophy is nurtured through a thorough understanding of the underlying motivations and desires of the traveler.

Pertinent questions when answered, such as where, what, why, who, when, all mixed together, produce an eclectic mix of travel goodness that our Travelosophers will use as guiding principles to curate the perfect trip that is unique to you.

The aim of our Travelosophers is create beautifully tailored holiday memories for our clients by truly understanding their travel philosophy for the journey they wish to take.


All our packages include the free use of our distinguished Travelosophers brand, and all its marketing assets. We do however understand the importance of personalisation and so we also give you access to a number of materials that are unique to you. This package includes many tools for you to bring your brand, and your business to life, including:


  • Personalised Business Name – Travelosophers by Firstname Lastname
  • Your own unique Business Logo and unique email signature
  • Personalised travel documentation and quotes
  • Dedicated Website Page and Travelosophers listing
  • Your own telephone number with personalised messages
  • Monthly Social Media assets for you to use for free
  • Promotional materials and Points of Sale tools
  • Carefully crafted guidlines to help you maintain your brand

Your own webpage

Each Travelosopher is provided with their own their own unique webpage, and will able to showcase their talents to the maximum. With personalised offer selections, individual blogs, video/image galleries and much, more, each Travelosopher will benefit from an impressive virtual presence that is fully customizable. Furthermore, each Travelosopher listing page will form part of our wider consumer-facing website Travelosophers.com which aims to promote our Travelosophers to an even wider audience.

Our Consumer-Facing website - powered by you

As well as your own efforts to push your own franchise business, we will also be advertising our entire travel community through our consumer-facing website Travelosophers.com

The Travelosophers.com website provides consumers with a network of talented travel specialists, each with their own philosophies and travel specialities.

Made up of both individuals and travel agencies, the Travelosophers Network aims to match the needs and desires of the consumer, for each trip, with the most appropriate travel experts in the field. For example, a consumer exploring a niche island hopping trip in Greece, will be matched with a Travelosopher with that specialist knowledge, or someone looking for an African Safari Experience will be matched with a Travelosopher with the most expertise and so on.

FAQs about our brand

Do I have to use the Travelosophers brand?

Our recommendation is to utilise the powerful Travelosophers brand which will give you many advantages by association. The support that we provide is naturally geared towards promoting the Travelosophers brand and all our marketing and branding assets are related to our brand. However, it is possible for you to promote your own brand within our Travelosophers network but at a premium cost- you can read more about using your own brand here.